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Traffic Signal Design with Sanderson Associates

As roads get busier and congestion grows, efficient traffic signal control is an increasingly more important tool in the management of the highway network.

Sanderson Associates have the knowledge and experience to provide a full traffic signal design package from feasibility and initial capacity assessments through to on site supervision and commissioning.

Once you have identified your site we can arrange for traffic surveys to be undertaken at the adjacent junctions and any existing site accesses.  We will then undertake capacity assessments using specialist software to determine the level of impact that your development will have on the local highway network.

From this we will advise you of the measures required to mitigate against the traffic impact of your development, whether this is the upgrade of nearby traffic signals, the introduction of new traffic signals on an existing priority controlled junction or even a change to your development to reduce the proposed traffic generations.  At Sanderson Associates we give fair, honest advice so if your development cannot be accommodated on the highway network we will advise you at an early stage so that the problems can be addressed before the proposals are set in stone.

We understand that it is costly to add additional highway space (widening / extra lanes) therefore where possible we will always try to work within the existing infrastructure to minimise costs.  We do this by assessing the current operation of the traffic signals – in some cases only minor changes to timings can have a significant impact on the level of queuing and delay at a junction.  Of course if you are looking at a large development and wish to provide dedicated lanes into and out of your development then we will work with you or your architect to design the most efficient and cost effective solution for you.

When the mitigation works have been decided we will produce full detailed design drawings showing kerb lines, road markings, traffic signal positions and all other relevant information.  Throughout this process we will liaise with the Local Highway Authority to ensure that the design meets with their design guidelines and is acceptable to them.  Whilst undertaking this stage of the design we again use specific software packages to ensure that our drawings are professional, clear and easy to follow. 

From here we will produce the controller specification (TR2500A forms) which essentially control how the junction will operate.  If we have identified that the junction(s) will benefit from MOVA then we will also produce the datasets to enable this.

At Sanderson Associates we are not able to supply and install traffic signals but we do have strong links with several specialist contractors so that we can source the most appropriate and competitively priced equipment for your development.

As roads get busier and congestion increases, traffic signal control is an increasingly important tool in the management of the highway network.


TR2500 Issue A - Highways Agency Specification for Traffic Signal Controller - [November 2005] may be downloaded here in PDF format {Opens New Window}.

Traffic Signal Design - Data Sheet

Traffic Signal Design - Data Sheet

A data sheet detailing the Traffic Signal Design Services that we can offer is available to view, in PDF format, by clicking on the image on the left.

Minor Improvements to Signals - Case Study

Minor Improvements to Signals - Case Study

We have prepared a Case Study which details how Minor Improvements to Signals can be utilised to Gain Significant Capacity and Pedestrian Safety Benefits.

This is available to view, in PDF format, by clicking on the image on the left.

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