Sanderson Associates Web Portal

We operate our own Web Portal to enable the secure and rapid electronic exchange of documents and plans between ourselves, our Clients and Statutory Authorities. In addition, in today’s economic climate spiralling postal charges and environmental awareness are material issues.

With issues associated with emailing large electronic files and the overall insecure nature of emails themselves our Web Portal enables our Engineers and Clients to upload drawings and reports to the designated project folder securely, without any file size issues. Our portal saves all file versions uploaded to it enabling all users to keep track of their work and restore previous versions if ever required.

Users are notified when a new file, or an updated version of a file, has been uploaded to their project folder on the Portal via a personal email.

The portal can also be viewed via a mobile interface making it useable on IPhones, IPads and Blackberry devices.

Our web portal is provided in a Windows Folder type look and feel, enabling immediate familiarity and ease of use for everyone.

The majority of files may be previewed directly from the portal within two clicks of your mouse, the entire Portal operating over 256 bit Secure Sockets Layer to encrypt the communications between the user and the server.

Our Engineers will invite our Clients to register at our Portal if it is thought that the exchange of large files will be required throughout the period of time that they will be working on your project. Not all projects will require use of the Portal but clients may request the use of these facilities by making contact with the relevant Project Manager dealing with their project.

Sanderson Associates Web Portal

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