Coronavirus COVID-19

Sanderson Associates and Fairhurst’s Business Continuity Planning

Updated 28th August 2020

Sanderson Associates and Fairhurst are continuing to follow the UK & devolved Governments, World Health Organisation, NHS and our own internal guidance and procedures to protect the health and wellbeing of our employees and their families, our clients, business contacts and suppliers.

Whilst the majority of our employees continue to work from home, many of our English offices are now implementing, or working towards a phased, limited and cautious return to offices, adopting COVID-19 secure guidelines and procedures to allow employees to work safely.

Our design and advice services have remained uninterrupted throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, and those employees who remain working from home will continue to be able to work effectively and efficiently following the successful implementation of our Business Continuity Plan.

All home working employees have full access to our IT systems, with full and secure access to our project file servers, our email system and specialist software licensing.  Our project teams remain in regular dialogue, sharing information remotely and continuing to provide a coordinated service both internally and with fellow project professionals.

Essential business related travel, site attendance etc. is being monitored through an internal approvals process to ensure that all travel and visits are thoroughly risk assessed.

All business to business and project team interaction is being promoted through collaborative distance communication platforms, such as Microsoft Teams, multi-party conference calls etc.

Sanderson Associates and Fairhurst have taken, and will continue to take, all practical steps to protect our employees and their families, our clients, business contacts and suppliers, whilst ensuring business continuity through intelligent application of our established IT systems.