Highway Design, Access & Junctions

Facilities for Cyclists, Pedestrians and Public Transport

Either free standing or as part of a land use proposal, Sanderson Associates can provide advice on facilities and measures to improve or increase the use of active travel (walking and cycling) or public passenger transport.

Greenways and Quiet Lanes

Sanderson Associates are able to provide advice in relation to the ‘downgrading’ of appropriate rural highways to ‘Quiet Lanes’ or ‘Greenways’.

Junction Capacity Calculations

Industry standard computer programs are used to determine the capacity of road junctions (priority/roundabout Traffic signals and linked signals) and reviews can be undertaken of scenarios with and without development in base and future design years.

Junction Modelling

We are specialists in the use of TRICS, TRACK, Key LINES, and TRANED amongst other nationally accepted software packages.

Sanderson Associates use up to date industry standard software for the modelling of junctions which can be reviewed either on a single and/or linked basis.

Signage Design

Advice can be provided on the design and location of signage both on the public highway and within developments.

Highway signage is designed in compliance with the Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions, 2016.