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Speed Surveys

A speed survey is carried out usually for the purpose of determining the level of vision required at the point of contact of two roads or access points, or as part of the design process for a new road or junction.

Speed surveys are also used in the evaluation of traffic calming schemes, in a before and after situation, and in relation to a safety examination of the local road network.

Often speed surveys are carried out to either validate or respond to the concerns of third parties, as for example in the context of a planning application or appeal.

Speed surveys can be carried out either manually by hand held device or by tubes laid across the road known in the profession as ‘automatic traffic counters’ (ATC’s). Manual speed surveys normally provide a more accurate indication of vehicle speeds as they include factors such as weather conditions, constraints to free flow conditions, high speed emergency vehicles, and the removal of ‘platoons’ of traffic from the survey. ATC’s are in place for a full 24 hour, seven day period and thus a greater range of results and traffic flows is obtained. However because of their nature they will not take into account the factors which an operator would record as part of the manual survey.

Further Information

We have put together a dedicated website which you can view at this website includes detailed technical information about a Speed Survey.

Help With A Speed Survey

We have vast experience on carrying out Speed Surveys covering many different types of proposed developments for our clients, we would welcome the opportunity to provide you with a competitive fee proposal.

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Speed Survey