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Traffic Signal Design

Where either new junctions are proposed or existing junctions improved, Sanderson Associates can provide design services to cover signalisation, with services ranging from feasibility and initial design through to Detailed Design and Road Safety Audits. We use the latest industry standard software for signal modelling and can undertake both simple and linked signal examinations, possibly identifying potential improvements to existing installations by changes to controller specifications.

Design and Preparation of Traffic Signal Controller Equipment Specifications

As roads get busier and congestion grows, efficient traffic signal control is an increasingly important tool in the management of the highway network. Sanderson Associates have extensive knowledge and experience in the design of signalised junctions from the feasibility stage through to implementation. Using industry standard specialist software we are able to design new signalised junctions, assess existing junctions and identify improvements that may be necessary or beneficial.

At Sanderson Associates we give fair, honest advice and will advise of any issues as they arise so that any issues can be addressed at an early stage. We know that highway works can have significant cost implications to a development, we will only put forward works we consider to be necessary and feasible, whilst seeking to minimise the works costs and impact as much as possible.

Once a scheme has been determined, in concert with other parties, we are able to produce full detailed design drawings of the highway works required and set the signal operation of a junction; as part of this we can produce the controller specification (TR2500A forms) which essentially control how the junction will operate. If we have identified that the junction(s) will benefit from Microprocessor Optimised Vehicle Actuation (MOVA) or similar facilities we will produce the datasets to enable this. Throughout this process we will liaise with the Local Highway Authority to ensure that the design meets with their design guidelines.

Further Information

How do Traffic Signals Work? How are they designed?

We have put together a dedicated website which you can view at this website details the answers to these questions and also the process of designing, installing and commissioning Traffic Signals and all the Traffic Signal Design Services provided by us.

Help With Traffic Signal Design

We have vast experience working on Traffic Signal Design covering many different types of proposed developments for our clients, we would welcome the opportunity to provide you with a competitive fee proposal.

Please get in touch with us if we can assist you further.

Traffic Signal Design