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Travel Plan Online Survey

In light of ever increasing postage costs and in our effort to carry out our services for our Clients in an environmentally sustainable manner, we are now able to carry out Travel Plan Surveys using our own fully brandable internet based survey software. Our electronic surveys afford a rapid and reliable response from users and eliminate the potential danger of data transposition errors.

We have a sample survey available that you may visit and complete which will give you an overview of the quality and ease of use of these bespoke surveys.

This survey is an example of several different surveys we have available that may be used in the collection and correlation of information to assist our Clients with providing base line data in Travel Plans or in determining effectively targeted travel plan measures. Travel Plans may be free standing or related to conditions imposed in planning permissions, you can read here more detailed information on their general format and production.

Our example survey is not token controlled, in other words anyone can complete the survey and it is intended for test and demonstration purposes only. Actual surveys in operation are all token access controlled for security purposes.

Upon completion of this survey you will be given the option to view the results in graphical format, where the results of your survey are added to those that have previously completed this survey. From this output you may get an indication of current travel trends. Any live survey would not however contain this information for participants to view.

Our example survey excludes personal information, questions on gender, age and job title as these are not strictly necessary, you may, for your own audit reasons, prefer to include them. One advantage of such information is that it can be used to check whether responses are representative of the whole workforce and to help target your marketing by identifying groups showing interest in particular measures. This matter however requires careful consideration to ensure that potential questions do not raise anonymity or data protection issues.

Our electronic surveys are fully customisable in relation to the content of the questions (and answer choices) to reflect the type of Travel Plan, the specifics of the site and the availability of sustainable modes of travel, along with the requirements of the Local Planning/Highway Authority. In addition the survey can be branded to reflect the corporate image of our clients and can contain statements demonstrating the client’s commitment to encouraging access by sustainable modes of transport.

Where the survey is to be linked to a planning condition the content would be agreed with the Local Planning/Highway Authority prior to use.

Our clients employees can be individually invited to take part in our Clients bespoke survey by way of a direct email invite (with a reminder functionality), or we can produce an individual token code for each employee, or even a group token to use at a Company PC made available for their use during the time period that the survey is available to be completed. Similar arrangements can be devised where modes of travel on residential estates are sought.

With the exception of the individual’s home post code, which is normally a key piece of information required by the planning authority, the survey responses do not contain any information identifying the individual whatsoever.

The results produced from the electronic survey are available both in graphical layout and also in hard data of various formats. These can then be tested and examined without the often expensive and time consuming costs of data correlation from paper surveys being charged to our client. In addition recent increases in postal charges can be a factor where a significant sample survey is required, and finally use of instant electronic transfer is environmentally friendly.

Further Information

What is a Travel Plan, When will you need one?

We have put together a dedicated website which you can view at this website details the answers to these questions and also provides further technical details on the Travel Plan, Travel Plan Framework and Travel Plan Coordinator Services provided by Sanderson Associates

Help With a Travel Plan

We have vast experience preparing Travel Plans covering many different types of proposed developments for our clients, we would welcome the opportunity to provide you with a competitive fee proposal.

Please get in touch with us if we can assist you further.