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Road Safety Audit

Road Safety Audits are normally required where a change in the physical layout of the highway network is proposed that could change road user behaviour or adversely affect the outcome of a collision/incident. In addition many Local Planning and Highway Authorities also require the submission of a Road Safety Audit as part of the adoption process of a new public highway,

Road Safety Audits are undertaken on Trunk Roads and Motorways in line with the requirements of the Design Manual for Roads and Bridges; and must be undertaken by a specialist team with detailed training, certificates and experience in this function. Road Safety Audits undertaken on the Local Highway Network usually follow a similar approach to that set out in the Design Manual for Roads and Bridges but must also comply with any local standards that are in place.

Road Safety Audits cover a number of different stages, stage one, two three and four, from initial design through to construction, and finally monitoring once in operation.

Further Information

What is a Road Safety Audit? When are they required?

We have put together a dedicated website which you can view at this website details the answers to these questions and also includes detailed technical information about the different Road Safety Audits and the services provided by Sanderson Associates.

Help With A Road Safety Audit

We have vast experience on preparing Road Safety Audits covering many different types of proposed and built developments for our clients, we would welcome the opportunity to provide you with a competitive fee proposal.

Please get in touch with us if we can assist you further.

Road Safety Audit